2012 passed very quickly for me, now its almost 2013

2012 really passed very quickly, I still remember the eve of 2012 when I wrote my last blog here. It was so fast (or may be I’ve been slower) that I failed to write another blog since then. A few of my friends, quite a few of my juniors and a good number of clients expected my blog activity, but I couldn’t manage time to write any posts although I always planned a lot.

However, the year wasn’t that good as 2011. I got some lessons from my plans & activities which can be a good help to do better in 2013. I got some good opportunities but didn’t use properly. I sometimes was in frustration for many reasons, then thought & planned many things which I believe would be helpful in the new year 2013.

The most memorable thing in 2012 is that my daughter Suha started going to her school on November 1st. It was a very colorful moment for Surida & me. Since then I feel a more responsible person, and also a more proud father.

In my professional life, I was able to carry my responsibility with the OneSpout job, plus did some good medium sized projects. I contributed to a Denmark based Golf Administration System – which can be a mentionable project in this 2012. Overall, I got some good experiences.

The new year is only 2 hours away, I wish everybody a very happy new year. Hope things will be better in this new year.


Personal summary at the end of 2011 and on the eve of 2012

To my friends, colleagues & blog visitors – I’m very sorry for not writing anything for a long time. So I felt I must write the only post of 2011, no more days left to write another. I just wanted to keep you updated on my life & work in this post.

2011 has been a quite good year for me personally, but it was not good for the nation as we didn’t see any significant progress in our national life. A lot of negative things happened in our country, but only a little was positive. This year the nation experienced many people’s disappearances, and the state became the reason of the insecurity of its people. Well, we got some good progress in information technology, outsourcing & freelancing. This is probably the only sector we expect good progress in. Because, this sector is driven by our talented & hard-working young generation.

Personally, I spent a good year with my family. We moved to a new place which is better than before. My daughter brought many excitements in our life. We spent a year without any severe tension. We attended some very gorgeous wedding ceremonies.

In professional life, the year was good except the last 2 months. Our new office really helped, I brought some new people and engaged in my in-house development. We got some good progress in our development – results will appear in mid 2012. Our pace was quite good, I’d want at least same pace in coming months.

I tried myself on oDesk and got success quickly. At some point, oDesk found me as one of their most successful contractors grown in shortest time (e.g. fastest growing contractor), then offered me to act as their Country Manager for Bangladesh. My primary goal was to create more successful contractors from Bangladesh by arranging technical events & seminars, it mainly required inspiring young technical people here. I created quite a few successful contractors using my own experience. It was an awesome experience in my life.

I spent a really good time with my development on web scraping / data mining track. I was very lucky that I got opportunity to contribute to good projects like onespout.com and ave23.com. Moreover, I received a huge response on my web scraping services.

This year I earned a really good experience on daily deals and their aggregations. I worked on varieties of daily deal sites contents, and got an overall good idea about the present and future of daily deals – in terms of development and business.

Another year coming, I’m hoping to do better…and I wish you all the best.

Happy New Year 2012!