2012 passed very quickly for me, now its almost 2013

2012 really passed very quickly, I still remember the eve of 2012 when I wrote my last blog here. It was so fast (or may be I’ve been slower) that I failed to write another blog since then. A few of my friends, quite a few of my juniors and a good number of clients expected my blog activity, but I couldn’t manage time to write any posts although I always planned a lot.

However, the year wasn’t that good as 2011. I got some lessons from my plans & activities which can be a good help to do better in 2013. I got some good opportunities but didn’t use properly. I sometimes was in frustration for many reasons, then thought & planned many things which I believe would be helpful in the new year 2013.

The most memorable thing in 2012 is that my daughter Suha started going to her school on November 1st. It was a very colorful moment for Surida & me. Since then I feel a more responsible person, and also a more proud father.

In my professional life, I was able to carry my responsibility with the OneSpout job, plus did some good medium sized projects. I contributed to a Denmark based Golf Administration System – which can be a mentionable project in this 2012. Overall, I got some good experiences.

The new year is only 2 hours away, I wish everybody a very happy new year. Hope things will be better in this new year.


I have been a proud father – found meaning of life

On 25th September morning (8:42 AM at Square Hospital) I have been a proud father of a sweet baby girl – a little angel sent from the heaven. My special thanks to her mom who carried her and then made my life a success by the grace of almighty. It is really something very different than anything you achieve in your life. I found the meaning of my life. We gave her name Suha. Surida (my wife) and I both seek blessing from you all for my daughter Suha.

Suha is the meaning of my life – sharing some of her photos here:

My Grand Father Died – The End of a Great Life

February 22nd was a very sad day in my life. My morning started with a very shocking news. I got a call from my home that suggested me to start  journey for home as soon as possible. My home town (where parents live) is a 6.5 hours drive from my present town. My father didn’t want to mention the reason directly but finally he had to – when I inisisted too much. However, I started my journey very early in the morning by my personal car and reached home after half an hour of my targetted time. My family members were prepared with everything for the “see off” of my grand father as per the Muslim rules. It was really tough to look at the dead face of my grand father. I don’t know how to express my feeling, but I only know it’s very tough.

However, my grand father was a very honest and kind person. He was 100+ old when he died. In his long life, he did many great activities for the people of the region we live in. He sacrificed his entire life for the people, for the family and for achieving all good things. It’s reality that we can’t get him back among us but only what we can do or try to do is  to achieve his in-complete works. May God bless my family to achieve all he wasnt able to complete.

I believe my grand father is resting in the best heaven. We will be loving him so much as always he did us in his whole life. His soul will always be in peace…peace and peace.

May Allah help me and my family to do my grand father’s  in-complete works!