Grand launch of Deshi Tender – the best source of tender and procurement information in Bangladesh

June 11, 2009 § 1 Comment

It’s a pleasure to announce that today we have released the first online product, Deshi Tender, of our company. Please find it here:

Deshi Tender is the best source of all tender and procurement information in Bangladesh. We collect tender information from various sources – newspapers, websites and sometimes directly from companies.

The purpose of this website is to ease the life of the (1) contractors who collect tender notices from many sources everyday, (2) company executives who publish their tender and/or procurement information to many newspapers, and (3) individuals who keep track of their desired tender information from various places. Deshi Tender works for all of them above.

Deshi Tender is different than other tender service providers in Bangladesh. We classify tender information by category, organization and city/region/division. It’s easy to find and filter your expected tender information. We tried to use the latest web technology so visitors experience never go negative. It is a very sophisticated website with easy navigation, easy to understand & use features,  etc.

We collect all tender and procurement information from national dailies, websites, and all possible tender sources and then publish those to our website. And then we notify our customers (by email) about the latest tender information – once/twice a day.

If you are contractor or a company, please join Deshi Tender today and enjoy maximum facilities in the occasion of inauguration.

Please visit the site. Your comments and feedback are most welcome.


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