Getting Rid of Thumbs.db in Windows

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If you use SVN client on Windows machine, you will experience (or have experienced already) an annoying problem in media folders (especially image) if you have set the “Show hidden files and folders” option in the “Folder Options” window ON. A file named “Thumbs.db” is automatically created in media folders that cause problems during SVN commit – it might be submitted to your SVN server if you don’t notice it.

Thumbs.db is used by Windows to create cache in media folders. If you delete this file from a folder, it wont go away forever…you will see it again in your next visit to this folder. Because Windows regenerates it the next time you view the folder contents.

One of the biggest annoyances to the Thumbs.db file is the way it changes folder settings. You can specifically set all folders in Windows to open in Detail view, for instance. If any folder contains a Thumbs.db file, that folder reverts to the thumbnail view, ignoring your preferences.

To turn off this thumbnail caching, open Tools > Options in Windows Explorer and click on the View tab. Check the box next to Do not cache thumbnails and click OK.

1. Open any folder and click Tools > Folder Options.
2. Click the View tab from the Folder Options window.
3. In the Advanced Settings check “Do not cache thumbnails”.

Getting rid of Thumbs.db

Getting rid of Thumbs.db




Avoid being blacklisted for SPAM you did not send

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If you ever tried to send e-mail messages that never seem to reach the destination, don’t blame PHP limited built-in mail capabilities! You may be victim of having your mail server blacklisted for SPAM that you never sent.

Manuel Lemos of PHPClasses.Org shares an article that guides through the way to avoid being blacklisted for SPAM messages that you never sent. Here is the key points of his article:

  • SPAM traps
  • Auto-replying to spam trap messages
  • Avoiding sending messages to spam trap addresses
  • Using SPF to discard spam trap messages

Read the full article.

I just wanted to share because I found the article interesting.



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