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May 9, 2008 § 3 Comments

Finally we were able to release an Alpha version of the Beendobox on Facebook. Now we can say there is a web application that makes life easier when accessing multiple email accounts. Currently it supports Hotmail, Yahoo & Gmail and hoping AOL & POP3 very soon.

Find it here:

Check and Send email without leaving Facebook! Beendo‘s Beendobox (Alpha) application provides one-stop access to all your email inboxes from Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Google Gmail.

Beendobox on Facebook

Try it out today. Beendobox is safe and secure. Your passwords are not stored unless your choose to “remember passwords” for extra login convenience.

Add this application if you want to make your emailing life easier!

Please send feedbacks (bugs & suggestions) to us so we can work for a better release.




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