phpResource – My First Facebook Application

Today I developed a simple facebook application that reads and parses RSS from phpResource. It’s my first one during the first touch of facebook platform. See my first app here:

It’s very easy to add a facebook app. I want to share how easy it was to add an app in facebook. If you did not work on facebook app but want to develop your first one in an hour, here is a summary of working steps for you that will help you move very easily:

1. Go to and download a client library. I downloaded PHP (4 and 5) client library.
So you have the “facebook-flatform” files(extracted from facebook-flatform.tar.gz) to work on. I put the files into a dir named “facebook” (renamed dir “facebook-platform” to “facebook”) in my web server.

2. Add facebook developer application (go to and see option to setup application). You will be given an app secret key and an api key. Note that these keys are very important.

3. Go to and read and follow their easier guidelines.

4. While you are following the guidelines as per step 3, you need to put value in “Callback Url” field. It’s the URL where you worked with “facebook-platform” files. For my case, it’s the “facebook” dir where I put the platform files. Before you put the callback URL, you need to do the following:
– write the sample code (into a file under platform dir “client”) provided in, don’t forget to use your key credentials. Say your filename is abcd.php
– write your target script which goes below the initial codes guided by For my case, it was like following:


require_once 'appinclude.php';

echo “<p>”;
require_once ‘phpresource.php’;
echo “</p>”;


where phpresource.php has its own output. You can see it here:

Now you know what to put as the callback URL. It’s like, for my case it should be like: (as I renamed “facebook-platform” to “facebook”).Save the settings and see your app URL. You are DONE!!

I will share more in future.



Class Text Search Replace : New Update

Today I made an update of my class “Text Search Replace” at This update will increase the search capability of the class. The initial release of the class could not search some special characters (well, I just forgot & missed this to put with the initial release). Later a user of this class (his name is “Robert”) noticed the problem and asked me for a solution. I was too busy to touch the class. But I managed time and fixed it. You can now work with special characters(especially the ones are part of regular expression syntax). I am sure this fix has increased the usability of this class to a large extent.

Please download the latest version from here:

Special thanks to Robert who noticed and informed me about the problem.

If you are a user of this class, please send me bugs, etc so I can work to improve its performances.


Nov 2007 to Feb 2008 Summary

Long time I did not blog and share anything. So it’s time to share something that I have experienced in the last few months. Today I will talk a bit on all key happenings.

Nov 2007:
I bought a new laptop of my expected configuration. It is hp branded – 1.82 G Hz Processor, 1G RAM, 80 G HDD, blah blah. To me, it’s not less than a super computer for my web dev works. It came to my great helps when I went to village in the Eid Occasion. I stayed long time there, but did not feel that much prob as I was connected using GP Internet and the new laptop. FYI, GP net speed in the countryside is much better than what we normally get in Dhaka. I got 8-14K always. So it was a very enjoyable occasion – I worked at night and spent time with relatives during day. I donno when I will again get such moments.

Dec 2007:
Came back to Dhaka few days back (late Nov) and was looking for a new house bcoz the existing one had a lot of infrastructural probs. It was tough to find a desired sized house at the desired position. But we tried a lot. Later we got it and paid some upfront to keep it for us. At the same time I was enjoying the new project that we started in late September. It was coming along better and better.

I always had a desire to continue higher study. It did not happen bcoz of time, etc. This month I thought I would try once. Then I sat for an admission test at North South University for an MS degree in Comptuter Science & Engineering. The exam was not that good; but it was not bad bcoz I answered almost all questions (later I found some answers were wrong..LOL).

Jan 2008:
Another new year; ah, days pass very quickly. Happy new year friends..I know it’s a belated one, nvm. I started work at the current company just one year back from this January. So it was a good feeling that I had worked a period that could be measured in year’s scale.haha. I got admitted into NSU in the MS CSE program. I have taken only one course initially bcoz I have a very little time to spend on study right these months. Just checking myself by a single course as I was away from schooling long time(well I will take more on future though). My only course title is “Formal Methods in Software Engineering”, it’s a good course to understand software engineering. I only need to attend a class every week. So it seems easier to me.

Feb 2008:
Doing good in my project, enjoying works that I am engaged with. And this month I have a news for my “Gmail Addressbook Grabber” class users. I received a lot of requests to update the class, but time was killing me. Now I have one that I can release soon. Please wait few more days good guys. I will satisfy you all. I am almost out of contributing the open source community for a long time. But I must contribute there a lot, bcoz I love open source like many others ranging from newbies to geeks.

New year, new target:
This year I targeted to earn better to fulfill some targets. I did not look at money in the past, but this time I need to take care of my family, basic needs, etc – yes I must. I know I can earn much better (than what I earn now) if I run for money. In the new year, I got some good job offers at home and abroad, but I am working on a cool project that gives me pleasure in every working moments. It’s a project based on a new and innovative idea. I never want to miss such good chances. Because I know only one good project can enrich/alter/change the career level.

Today, Feb 14th, is the Valentine’s day. Wish you a great Valentine’s day!

Thanks for your time. Please pray for my goodness. Stay tuned..:)

Take care.