Khaleda Zia : A Lady with Multiple Birth dates

August 15, 2007 § 7 Comments

How many birth dates do you have? Obviously (except our ex PM Khaleda Zia) everyone will answer one (1). Our ex PM Khaleda Zia has a lot of birth dates. Because she loves to hear “Happy Birthday to You”, she loves to use it in politics. Her birthday stuffs are really funny to the people of Bangladesh.

I want to share one of the few write ups that I got on the web while surfing internet:


Khaleda Zia was born to Iskandar Majumder and Taiyaba Majumder at Dinajpur District on the 15th August, 1945 (the other dates of birth Khaleda Zia used in the past were August 5, 1944 – Marriage certificate; September 5, 1946 – transcript; August 19, 1947 – record of prime ministerial oath; August 15, 1947 – press secretary; August 15, 1946 application form – electoral candidacy. She started celebrating 15th August as her birthday after she lost power to Sheikh Hasina in 1996 election. The critics say she deliberately chose this date just to hurt her opponent since it is a great day of mourning for Hasina when most of her family members were brutally murdered by some members of Bangladesh Army).


See related news:


In this regard, I retrospect a movie that I watched few months back where the hero could get himself back to the past and change the bad history of his life. I suspect if the producer of that film got such idea from incidents of Bangladesh:)

Have fun!!

I will share more in future.


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