Being The “Innovation Award Winner” of May, 2006

Finally my class Graph Coloring won the “Innovation Award” at PHP Classes. I am very happy for this achievement. I got light to my life getting the result from PHP Classes authority. I got 33.33% votes among all classes nominated in May, 2006. My thanks to the users those liked my class and voted me.

Graph Coloring is one of the most important branch of Computer Science. Efficient graph coloring is very muh useful in many applications. Graph Coloring even can encrypt huge data. I have done a bit research on that. My paper “Graph Coloring for Encryption : A New Approach of Huge Data Secretion” was accepted and published in the proceedings of International Conference on Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering (ICEECE), 2003. This was also an innovative work and has been marked so. You can find a lot of innovative research topics in Graph Coloring. So lets start innovative works.

The winners ranking list (of month May,2006) is here:

PHP Classes authority has given me a badge to let me mention that my
package is the winner of this award. Here is that:

This achievement will greatly encourage and motivate me to contribute the Open Source Community more and more.

My special thanks to the users those voted me. Also thanks to the PHP Classes authority for grabbing it to their innovation list.

MA Razzaque Rupom

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